In 2017 the founders, who, at the time where just regular people using and relying on other brands for their beauty implements to take care of their beauty regime.
It was then they began wondering why so many products and brands either sell cheap inferior products, or market an expensive product which is still cheap and inferior, or actually sell a good quality product with an excessively high price tag and be completely out of reach for many people.

That is when the idea of creating a professional salon quality range of beauty implements came into fruition. Through extensive product research sourcing the highest quality materials, the most reputable and industry leading manufacturers, who can be as cutting edge as we are. To create a new niche beauty brand like no other.

Tweez ER may not have 40+ years of experience, but we have youth, motivation, diversity, innovation, drive, ambition and passion.
We have a team of people with all the above qualities, with different backgrounds and from multiple countries deeply involved in making Tweez ER the go to brand for salon professional implements at an affordable price point.

But don’t just believe us. Anyone can outsource a professional to create the most amazing, convincing and believing content.
What you can’t outsource is an endless array of 5 star reviews from genuine paying customers from our exclusive partner | Amazon.

Raise an eyebrow with us and innovate the future

Tweez ER | Surgically Engineered