Choosing the right Eyebrow Tweezers ?

In the hunt for the perfect pair of tweezers the first mistake that most often occurs is the misconception that one particular type of tweezers will accomplish everything. Also, what works for one person may not be ideal for the next.

That’s because everyone is different, individual characteristics of eyebrows vary from person to person, how a person holds the tweezers, and from which direction they pull the hair for example. The choices available can be and often are, overwhelming. In this article, we look at what makes good tweezers stand out and which tweezer types best your needs.

Searching for the BEST Quality Tweezers

THE most important factor when beginning your search into buying tweezers is Quality. This is the most single important requirement you need to research.

The quality will tell you how the tweezers will perform and how long they will last. Usually most tweezers of a basic quality will be made from stainless steel,this is because of the usual conditions of which tweezers find habitat. Moist and steamy bathrooms are often the home for most tweezers. Having stainless steel is a must for this very reason. But the quality of stainless steel does vary, and there are different grades to choose from.

Tweez ER full range of tweezers are milled from the highest available quality of surgical grade stainless steel, this in itself puts them on a pedestal with a select few.

Because of this finer quality stainless steel, the tips keep their sharpness for much longer than cheaper inferior tweezers.This allows those impossible hairs to be grabbed from new, and after many years of use without compromise.

For many tweezer manufacturers, the complete process from start to finish is done on machine. Visually the tweezers will appear the same, but compare this to the Tweez ER full range of tweezers. These are individually, and painstakingly crafted using a multi step method of detailing and honing the edges of the tweezers all by hand. This process is carried out by skilled craftsmen who have decades of experience which has an end result of perfectly aligned tipped tweezers with non slip handles manufactured from the highest quality surgical grade stainless steel. Combine all these features and you have salon professional tweezers.

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