Understanding the World of Tweezers

There are various types of tweezers, each designed to perform a different function, so how do you know which is best for your needs? Here we have a quick guide to help you get the perfect brow line or remove that splinter with ease.


Perhaps the most commonly found in cosmetics bags, this tip has an angled end and is great because they are universal; they are super versatile and arguably the easiest to use. They can be precise enough to grab a single hair but can also pluck several hairs at once. You can use them to apply false eyelashes easily.


With a sharp point, the pointed tip tweezers are the best ones for precision work. This is because the tip is really narrow, making it much easier to see what you are doing. Usually, best in the hands of someone who is used to using tweezers regularly, they are great for removing ingrown hairs, splinters or even for doing nail art.

Pointed Slant

One of the lesser-known options is the pointed slant tip. As the name suggests, the tip is both slanted and has a point, and the tweezers are great for ingrown hairs, tiny splinters and also very stubborn hairs.


Flat edged tweezers are also known as a square tip. They are best suited for removing several hairs at once, definitely not for precise work. Because of this, they are perhaps the least versatile of all the tweezer types.


The round tip tweezers are probably the safest ones you can use, there are no points at all so are great for the beginner. The downside to the rounded tip is that they are not the most precise tweezers, so may not be the best to use for those wanting a clearly defined eyebrow.


Curved tweezers are best for false eyelashes and nail art. They are not great for hair removal, but because of the level of control, they are excellent for placing rhinestones and gems on nails.

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